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Arvind Academy aims to create and nurture a culture of excellence and distinctiveness that inspires intellectual competitiveness, wholesome development, spirit of enterprise, sustained inquiry and life-long learning skills, in a learner-centered and technology enabled environment of world class standards.


To provide a dynamic educational environment that helps children face the demands and challenges of a competitive world To inspire young minds to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills with a life-long enthusiasm for inquiry and learning To foster values of honesty, teamwork,

Parent-Teacher Partnership

We recognize each family as a unique member of our learning community. We appreciate and encourage active parental/family involvement in all of our programs. We consider parents to be our teaching partners. Parents can participate in this partnership by working with the teachers to set goals,

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Expectations of Excellence an environment of high expectations in which all people consistently strive to operate at optimal performance levels. Respect caring for all people and valuing their unconditional worth. Integrity/Ethical behavior consistent actions based on the highest standards of credibility, honesty, and ethical behavior. Collaboration working together to achieve common goals through open and

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ARVIND ACADEMY SCHOOL Arvind Academy Hasemau, Malhaur is a coeducational English Medium School, established in 2010. It is managed and run by the Arvind Memorial Charitable Trust with the objective of imparting value- based education to students as well as students of all communities irrespective of caste creed of religion.