About Us


Arvind Academy Hasemau, Malhaur is a coeducational  English  Medium School, established in  2010. It is managed and run by the Arvind Memorial Charitable Trust with the objective of imparting value- based education to students as well as students of all communities irrespective of caste creed of religion.
The Trust considers School as the most effective agent in promoting the integral / formation of the child in the gospel spirit of love and freedom- a love that excludes no one because of religion, region, nationality or race. The school educational service aims to prepare students to be intellectually competent, morally sound,phychologically whole, socially-respnosible,formulating friendly and harmonious interpersonal relationships,imbured with a deep sense of noble values and concern for the less fortunate and ever open to further growth.
Objective of our school
1- Providing a healthy and morally sound lifestyle that liberates the child from the evil forces in the cultural,economical,social and political field.
2- rejecting counter values that threaten human dignity ,viz,violence,racial hatred, injustice and crime.
3-Roting out all manifestations of egoism, namely rebellion, jealousy, antipathy, hatred, ijustice and crime.
4- Fostering noble virtues like affection,respect obedience , gentleness, forgiveness
gratitude and helpfulness.
5- Promulgation of peace,justice,freedom,concern and progress for all ,especially the down trodden,while bearing in mind that each one of us is created by god in his own image.
6-  Pursuing excellence,in the fullest possible development of dimensions of personality,for a society that today,more than ever,strives to engage men and women of high professional competence,moral integrity and dedication.
7- Relying on the whole hearted co-operation of the parent, authentic personal example of inspired, competent teachers and genuine receptity of students.
8- To create a scientific temper in our students and make them conscientious of the problems , issues and needs of the society and facilitate them to act accordingly.