Vision And Mission


  • Arvind Academy aims to create and nurture a culture of excellence and distinctiveness that inspires intellectual competitiveness, wholesome development, spirit of enterprise, sustained inquiry and life-long learning skills, in a learner-centered and technology enabled environment of world class standards.


  • To provide a dynamic educational environment that helps children face the demands and challenges of a competitive world
  • To inspire young minds to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills with a life-long enthusiasm for inquiry and learning
  • To foster values of honesty, teamwork, leadership and social responsibility
  • To encourage students to draw inspiration from their ethos and culture and broaden their horizons to embrace a world view
  • To offer a wide choice of national and international curriculum and credentials that are widely accepted and acclaimed
  • To provide the atmosphere and equipment for the exploration of activities that will help students nurture creativity and sharpen their intellect
  • To promote integration of global and local knowledge and skills by offering multi disciplinary learning opportunities